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Irish Credit Unions League praised for aiding Liberia

Mulbah Kessellie/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 21, 2015)-The Board of Directors of the Liberia Credit Unions Natiional Associatiion (LCUNA) has lauded the Irish League of Credit Unions Foundation (ILCUF) for services rendered Liberia.

LCUNA Board Chairman, Saye Biyie, said ILCUF’s many assistance to the country, through LCUNA, have tremendously contributed to the successful improvement of credit union development in the country.

In a statement of appreciation, on behalf of LCUNA’s Board, Mr Biyie,  said: “We need their continous support in improving the life of our people and the credit union movement of Liberia.”

The statement, signed by Chairman Biyie, confirmed the Irish League of Credit Unions Foundation’s assistance to LCUNA in several key areas.

Mr. Biyie named the key areas as the hosting of the first West Africa Credit Unions Against Poverty (WACUP)’s Steering Committee Meeting in Accra, Ghana, in which LCUNA participated and benefited.

The nomination of LCUNA at the Accra gathering as the second apex organization to host the second Steering Committee Conference in Monrovia in 2013.

Other key areas include the participation of three of the national association’s executives in the first training of Traniers Workshop in Cutrac, Ghana for three executives of the associartion, the provision of six month salaries for three of LCUNA’s qualified staff

The preparation of Regulatory Frame Work for Credit Unions in Liberia, the launch of a rapid progressive Central Finance Facility (CFF) Program and the implementation of Deposit Gurantee Scheme, are among key areas mentioned in the statement.


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