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South Africa refutes reports over Prez. Bashirs departure

from BBC
Omar Al-Bashir
Omar Al-Bashir

( 23, 2015)-The South African Government has denied reports that ministers secretly plotted the departure of Sudan's President, Omar Al-Bashir, last week.

President Bashir risks being arrested, because of an International Criminal Court’s warrant on charges of genocide.

A South African court had ordered Mr. Bashir to stay in the country while deciding the legality of the warrant. But, before the court’s rule, President Bashir flew out of South Africa for Sudan’s Capital, Khartoum.

The Sudanese President was in South Africa for an African Union Summit, and the South African Government, as a member of the ICC, was aware that it may have been obliged to arrest him.

South Africa's Sunday Times Newspaper quotes a government source as saying at a meeting of security ministers, it was agreed that South Africa would protect him "even if it meant flouting court rulings and undermining the constitution.”

In a statement, the South African Government "categorically denied there was a secret meeting" and said it will give the court an explanation of how Mr. Bashir left the country.

The High Court has given the Government until Thursday, June 25, 2015 to reveal how he was allowed to depart


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