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President suspends RICE tariff with Executive Order No. 70

Patrick Flomo/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 28, 2015)-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has issued Executive Order No. 70, extending Executive Order No. 61, which suspends tariff on rice.

According to an Executive Mansion release, Executive Order No. 70 takes immediate effect.

The release quotes President Johnson-Sirleaf as saying: “Government is committed to ensuring that the prices of certain basic commodities on the Liberian market are at levels that do not impose unnecessary burden on the population.”

Executive Order No. 70 also noted that based on the Liberian Government’s assessment and evaluation of the causes of increases in the prices of various strategic commodities, it intends to initiate measures to ameliorate the situation.

It further noted that in furtherance of the findings of the assessment, the Government has recognized the need to curb the continuous increases in the price of the country’s staple, rice, to make it affordable for public purchase.

The Executive Order, however, emphasized that there exists a need for urgent measures to achieve the desired objective of easing the economic burden on the people to enable them have access to rice.

“Such measures cannot await long processes,” the Executive Order No. 70 added.

In the exercise of the Executive Power vested in the Liberian Presidency by the Constitution, the President issued Executive Orders No. 11, 19, 45, and 61,thus suspending import tariffs on rice in the interest of the public, and circumstances again necessitate similar measures.


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