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15 Britons killed in Tunisia hotel attack

Jos Garneo Cephas/The Independent(UK)
Some of the holiday makers in Tunisia hotel before the attack
Some of the holiday makers in Tunisia hotel before the attack

 The British Foreign Office said at least 15 Britons were among 39 holidaymakers killed in "the most significant terrorist attack on the British people".

Speaking in the Foreign Office, Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood said this number "may well rise" as several more people have been seriously injured in the Tunisia hotel massacre.

Mr Ellwood said this act of "evil and brutality" demonstrates why this kind of extremism has to be confronted "wherever this happens" at home or abroad.
Tunisian authorities have confirmed the nationalities of 10 of the dead so far, with a Belgian and a German identified alongside the British deaths.

Photographer Carly Lovett was the first Briton to be identified as a victim of the massacre. The University of Lincolnshire graduate was on holiday with her boyfriend at the time, who is due to fly back to the UK on Saturday.

Relatives and friends of British people in Tunisia were appealing for information and help locating their loved ones on social media as the wait for victims to be be officially named continued.


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