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Liberian Artist to receive Honorary Award in U.S.

Terry Gbondo/Benjamin S. Taingay
A LiberianGhana-based Artist, Frank Artus
A LiberianGhana-based Artist, Frank Artus

 (elbcradio.com/July 7, 2015)-Frank Artus set to receive an Honorary Award at the Five Continental Award Ceremony in the American state of Florida.

Artus is expected to receive the Award for his humanitarian contributions to society.

The young and talented Liberian actor is giving back to his home country in a unique way by caring for some children of Ebola survivors in the country.

Artus also led an Ebola awareness team in his homeland, Liberia, on July 11 2014, during the peak of the epidemic in the country.

His humanitarian gesture follows similar campaigns by other actors, including Juliet Ibrahim and Eddie Watson who took up different social responsibilities to assist in the fight against the deadly disease in the country.

The Ghana-based Liberian Artist was recently nominated to attend the Five Continental Awards Ceremony for his contributions to Liberia’s Ebola fight.


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