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Richards challenges local mineral water producers

William Kessellie/Benjamin S. Taingay
A mineral Water producer, Ade Richards
A mineral Water producer, Ade Richards

 ( 7, 2015)-A mineral Water producer, Ade Richards, is challenges his colleagues to ensure that the Liberian people are always provided safe mineral water, despite contemporary challenges.

Mr. Richards says every mineral water producer should have the quest to provide clean and safe drinking water for the public.

He also said providing safe drinking water in clean environment has been his dream.

The mineral water producer also noted that though his company is being operated on profit-making basis, he wants every Liberian protected against water-bond diseases.

The head of the Four Brothers Mineral Water, Incorporated observed that cholera has considerably reduced over the years, due to the provision of safe and affordable mineral water across the country.

Mr. Richards then commended the Liberian Government for implementing the Liberalization Policy.

The Liberalization Policy sets aside specific businesses to be owned and run by only Liberian citizens in the country.


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