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In 31 years, First street lights brighten Barclayville

Augustine Myers/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 9, 2015)-Barclayville City in Grand Kru County now has its First Street Lights in 31 Years.

Residents of Barclayville and its environs were seen jubilating recently as street lights were switched on across the city in preparation for the 2015 July 26 Independence Day celebration.

The turning on of the city’s street lights, performed by the Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA), Mary Broh, is the first since the creation of Grand Kru County 31 years ago.

Barclayville City Mayor, John Mah, told LINA that as a result of the electrification of the city, trading and commercial activities will also intensify during the night.

Mr. Mah praised Director General Broh for “her selfless sacrifices” in preparing the city for the independence celebration since she arrived in Barclayville some three months ago.


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