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Prez Sirleaf addresses High Level Segment meeting in US

Moses Wenyou/Benjamin S. Taingay
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

( 10, 2015)-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf says most least Developed Countries never took ownership of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)’ global objectives in the early stage of the initiative.

President Johnson-Sirleaf said these countries believed the MDGs’ objectives would be the solutions to their problems.

She blamed the least developed countries’ attitude toward the MDGs on the lack of consultations.

According to a dispatch, the Liberian Leader spoke Thursday, July 9, 2015 when she delivered the Keynote Address at the just-ended High Level Segment meeting in the US.

The meeting of the Annual Ministerial Review of the Economic and Social Council took place at the UN Headquarters in New York.

President Johnson-Sirleaf spoke on the Theme: “Implementing a Post-2015 Development Agenda That Works for the Least Developed Countries.”

She emphasized the lack of capacities and accurate measurements for progress as serious issues in assessing the real impacts of the MDGs in Least Developed Countries such as Liberia.

The President, however, noted that the MDGs’ framework became an important tool for improving human development, especially in the Least Developed Countries.

Liberia currently serves as member of the Global Coordination Bureau of the Least Developed Countries within the United Nations.


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