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Liberian Movie Star, Frank Artus, awarded in the U.S.

Terry G. Bondo/Joseph T. Koon
Ghana-based Liberian movie icon, Frank Artus
Ghana-based Liberian movie icon, Frank Artus

(elbcradio.com/July 14, 2015)-A Ghana-based Liberian movie icon, Frank Artus, has won a prestigious Continental Honorary Award in the United States of America.

In post award remarks, Mr. Artus expressed thanks and appreciation to his family, friends and fans for their support.

“I want to give honor to God Almighty for all He has done for me,” It is a great pride for Liberia and Africa at large, “he said.

At the same time, the Liberian movie icon also extended thanks and appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Serge Napoleon for positively impacting his life in the movie industry.

Mr. Artus made the remarks recently at an elaborate occasion when he was honored by the Continental Award Committee in the United States.

He received the “Face of Africa and Humanitarian Figure Awards, respectively.

“My success befitting this historic event of my career represents Africa and Liberia,” Mr. Artus emphasized.
“I promise to continue upholding Africa and Liberia’s pride in pursuit of my professional career,” he said.

The Liberian movie icon also expressed gratitude to his producers, producers, directors, marketers and colleagues of the Ghallywood and Nollywood Groups for their support.

Meanwhile, Mr. Artus is expected back home shortly to join his Liberian counterparts in continuation of his victory festive.


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