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Capacity Building is crucial in labor sector. Amb. Nufville

Jos Garneo Cephas
Equity Consultancy Chief Executive Officer,Ambassador Christian Nufville
Equity Consultancy Chief Executive Officer,Ambassador Christian Nufville

( 17, 2015)-A Liberian Labor expert has underscored education and capacity building as important factors toward improving productivity in the labor sector.

The Chief Executive Officer of Equity Consultancy Firm, Ambassador Christian Nufville, said: “There’s a need for Liberian stakeholders in the labor sector to establish employees, Labor union - management relationship.”

“Such relationship is intended to educate employees and employers to better understand the tripartite arrangement and the Labor Laws of Liberia,” he said.”

Ambassador Nufville made the call recently at the end a week-long labor training and capacity building conducted by his entity for 12 officials of the Monrovia Breweries Company in Monrovia.

He admonished employers to use persuasive method to empower their staff for the enhancement of harmonious relationship and productivity at work places.

The President of the Monrovia Breweries Workers Union, Adolphus Miller, thanked the Breweries Management for the support to Equity Consultancy.

Mr. Miller said:” The training afforded workers of the Union the opputinty to acquire basic knowledge and exposure on labor practices laws and their duties at the work place.

He described the relationship between his Union and the Monrovia Breweries Management as cordial and harmonious.

The closing ceremony was climaxed by the certification of the 12 participants of the Union.

The Monrovia Breweries Company, established in 1980, is the sole manufacturer and distributor of Club Beer and brands of other alcoholic beverages in Liberia.


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