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GOL, WASH Partners agree to strengthen, expand, sustain sector

Jos Garneo Cephas/Augustine Myers
WASH Partners (Delegates) at 3rd Joint Sector Review in Gbarnga, Bong County
WASH Partners (Delegates) at 3rd Joint Sector Review in Gbarnga, Bong County

(, 2015)-The 3rd Annual Joint WASH Sector Review to establish, strengthen institutional capacity to manage, expand and sustain Liberia WASH services ahs taken place.

The Review which took place in Gbarnga, Bong County from July 15 to 16, 2015, among other areas called for the establishment of information management systems and strengthens monitoring data collection of communication to engage the sector for equitable access to environmentally friendly and  sanitation services and promotion of  hygiene.

Welcoming Delegates at the 3rd Annual WASH Joint Sector Review, Bong County Superintendent, Selena Mappy thanked actors in the sector for selecting her county for the hosting of the Review.

Superintendent Mappy said: “We are being faced with challenges in some of the Districts and towns in Bong County where development activities are being undertaking due to lack of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities”.

“The hosting of the Review is timely, and we wish the government and partners would assist the county in addressing critical Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) problems”, she said appealed.  

Speaking on behalf of Deputy Public Works Minister for Rural Development and Community Services, Assistant Public Works Minister for Community Services, George Yarngo, said: “The review of activities in the sector is geared towards strengthening the WASH sector”.

Minister Yarngo pointed out that: “The review serves as a medium in highlighting activities from the past year, reviewing these activities and making decisions that will bring about improvement in the WASH sector”.

Reports also covering the WASH Development Plan-2012-2017 and WASH Sector Investment Plan 2012-2017, including finance, WASH Sector Ebola Response, Urban Water Supply and Ebola Waste Management, Rural Water Access, Water Resources, and Solid Waste Management, among others.

Presentations were also made on Community-Led Total Sanitation (LCTS), Hygiene & WASH in Health Facilities, WASH in Schools, Gender, Coordination, Monitoring and Advocacy & Awareness.

This year’s Joint Sector Review showcased beneficiaries of WASH services delivered by both the government and international partners.

Several beneficiaries of the services praised the government and partners for the services provided, describing as efforts to ensure improved health and, as a way of educating them about WASH in their respective communities.

WASH Journalists who attended the Gbarnga Review and several partners welcomed the Joint Sector Review 2015 and described it as a way of accessing progress made in the sector and challenges that still besieged  the WASH sector.

The Program Policy Officer of WaterAid Liberia/Sierra Leone, Patience Zayzay, said the review of the sector is a way of allowing voices of other professionals in the sector to be heard.

Miss Zayzay said: “Water Aid is very instrumental in the constitution of the National Water Resource and Sanitation, because it is making people have access to safe drinking water, improved sanitation and hygiene practices as some of the tangibles Policy of the British charity in Liberia”.

The Senior Program Manager of Global Communities, Leroy Johnson, has disclosed that Global Communities will continue to remain an active partner in the WASH sector.

Mr. Johnson said: “Is very instrumental in developing the Liberia WASH Compact, Sector Investment and Capacity Development Plans. The Joint Sector Review creates the platform where lessons learnt can be improved”.

Also commenting was the Advocacy and
Communications Coordinator of the Liberia WASH Consortium, Roberetta Rose said: “The only way the sector can be upgraded to the level of a Ministry is when the issues of fragmentation is eliminated.

She stressed the need for the WASH sector to transition from policy to budget sector, this way she believes funds will be raised for the sector.

The Liberia Consortium Advocacy and Communication Coordinator said the JSR-3 was an opportunity for actors in the sector to critique it and come up with a way forward for improvement.


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