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European Union (EU) approves 29.2-m for Liberia

Augustine Myers/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 21, 2015)-The European Union Commission has approved the disbursement of €29.2-million for Liberia.

The amount is a direct budget support to Liberia, under the Liberia-EU "State-Building Contract" to help the country in its recovery efforts.

According to a release, the aim of the first payment, under this new budget support program, is to contribute to the implementation of Liberia's Agenda for Transformation and the National Recovery Plan.

The release said: “The fund will directly benefit the country in the areas of health, socio-economic recovery after the Ebola crisis, and public finance management.”

The release also said: “The disbursement follows the EU's pledge of €450-million to support the three most Ebola-affected countries’ recovery initiatives.

The EU made the pledge recently at the High-Level International Ebola Recovery Conference in New York.
Of the amount, Liberia is to also receive €121-million.

In its communication, accompanying the payment, the EU recognized the Liberian Government's efforts and progress accomplished, despite the Ebola Epidemic and related crisis, as well as its socio-economic consequences.


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