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Governor Jones vows to support Govts Transformation Agenda

Augustine Myers/Joseph T. Koon
CBL Governor,  Mills Jones
CBL Governor, Mills Jones

( 23, 2015)-The Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Mills Jones, has described Liberia as a land of possibilities.

Governor Jones said: “The dedication of theCentral Bank of Liberia (CBL) new Headquarters is indicative of such possibilities Liberia can offer.”

“This initiative also demonstrates government’s commitment to defeating poverty and transform the living standards of Liberians,” he noted.

A t the same time, Governor Jones pledged his unwavering and continuous support to government’s agenda for economic transformation in Liberia.

The new CBL Construction Project began in May 18, 1989, but was halted as a result of the civil crisis, with active work resuming some three years ago.

The cost of the project is put at over 20- million United States Dollars.

The new CBL Building comprises additional compartments and technological facilities, including an elevated parking lot as compared to the old building.

The 10-floor building also has over 100 security cameras, two elevators for easy navigation in the building, as well as several banking and conference halls, among others.


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