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Two Liberians youths studying at Wagner College, USA

Patrick Flomo/Benjamin S. Taingay
Wagner College in New York
Wagner College in New York

( 30, 2015)-Two Liberian youths, Joyce Jarwolo and Emmanuel Siaway, have joined 25 young African Leaders studying Community and Nonprofit Organizations at Wagner College in New York.

The 25 young African Leaders are from 20 sub-Saharan African countries.

According to a release from the US Embassy near Monrovia, the Wagner College Cohort is part of U.S. President, Barack Obama’s Mandela Washington Fellowship.     

The Obama’s Mandela Washington Fellowship, for young African Leaders, has placed 500 men and women in programs at 20 colleges and universities across America this summer.

The release also said the Fellows, this week, visited Lifestyles for the Disabled, a Staten Island facility that helps equip developmentally disabled citizens with work and life skills.

Joyce Jarwolo is the Founder and Executive Director of Public Health Initiative Liberia, a local health organization.

Public Health Initiative Liberia was established to help improve the quality of healthcare delivery in the country through leadership, partnership, innovation and capacity building.

For his part, Emmanuel Siaway is the Project Officer of the Special Emergency Activity to Restore Children’s Hope (SEARCH), also a local humanitarian organization concerned with the welfare of children.


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