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Apply Natl Reconciliation Roadmap for unity-Nelson

Arthur Douglas/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 30, 2015)-Former Internal Affairs Minister, Blamo Nelson, says unless the National Reconciliation Road-map is fully implemented, the much desired National Unity may not be achieved.

The National Reconciliation Road-map is a document, formulated by the Liberian Government through the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to reconcile the country.

Mr. Nelson said: “Carrying on the road-map is critical to easing the growing anger and frustration among Liberians against their government.”

The National Reconciliation Road-map document, comprising three components, including Peace Building, National Healing, and National Reconciliation, was crafted when Mr. Nelson was serving as Internal Affairs Minister.

He said the document’s three components stress the need to address issues of basic socio-economic and infrastructure, and to build historical monuments and national museums in Liberia.

The former Grand Kru County Senator made the comments Thursday, July 30, 2015 when he appeared on the ELBC Super Morning Show in Paynesville.

Mr. Nelson also stress the need for a platform, through which individuals can seek forgivingness from those they have offended.


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