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Gola Konneh District landslide kills 14 miners

Kolubah Zayzay/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 3, 2015)-Fourteen people are reported to have died in a landslide in Gola Konneh District, Grand Cape Mount County.

The reports say the incident happened more than one week ago, but the information was concealed by local residents from security forces.

The lone landslide survival told elbconline the victims are believed to be Sierra Leoneans who illegally entered Liberia in search of minerals (gold and diamond).

Our Correspondent, quoting eyewitness accounts, said the Victims were carrying out illicit gold mining in a pit when the mud collapsed over them.

He said no one has, so far, been identified as family members of the victims.

The Joint Security in the area also confirmed the report, but said they are unable to recover any of the dead, because of the depth of the pit.

Gola Konneh District is located in Liberia’s Southwestern region of Grand Cape Mount County and is a major hotspot for illicit mining activities.


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