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Customers accused Kitco Enterprise of selling sub-standard zinc

Jonathan Grigsby/Joseph T. Koon
Kitco Business Enterprise, located in  the Red Light Commercial District of Paynesville
Kitco Business Enterprise, located in the Red Light Commercial District of Paynesville

( 6, 2015)-A local business entity, Kitco Enterprise, has been accused of bad business practice in selling sub-standard zinc Liberia.

Customers in the Commercial District of Red Light are accusing Kitco Enterprise of selling sub-standard zinc to them.

According to report, the company imported the blue zinc, in question, from the West African State of Togo about three years ago and has since been on the Liberian market.

The Kitco Enterprise is being operated in the area by an Indian businessman name withheld.

The report quotes some of the buyers of the fake zinc as saying:” The 15- year guarantee given us by the Management of Kitco Enterprise is untrue.”

“Instead, we started experiencing leakages on the roofs of our buildings so early, precisely in less than one year,” the aggrieved customers said.

After confronting the Management of Kitco enterprise on the situation, we realized that it has already changed the blue color zinc to different zinc with maroon color to destroy evidence,” they also told elbconline.

A resident (name withheld) of Swagger Island Community, opposite the Stephen Tolbert Estate in Gardnerville, said: “I bought eleven bundles of the fake blue zinc from Kitco Enterprise for US$110.00 each.

“But, because I engaged them on the issue, the company’s Management has already replaced eight of the eleven bundles of the blue zinc with maroon zinc, with three bundles still not replaced,” he also said.

At the same time, a resident of Soul Clinic Community in Paynesville told our reporter that the Indian operated enterprise has replaced the three bundles of the blue zinc she purchased from the company with maroon zinc after she confronted the Management.

When contacted, Kitco’s Delivery Agent, who is also an Indian national,   and a Liberian girl working for the company,   could neither confirm nor deny the allegation.

They, however, admitted that Kitco was replacing the blue zinc bought by few of their customers, because they had complained that the product was not durable.

“We will continue replacing their zinc once they come with the legitimate delivery receipts issued them by the store,” they assured.

Our reporter’s investigation reveals that currently, Kitco Enterprise sells three types of zinc, including the blue, maroon and silver color zinc, respectively, contrary to the Management’s earlier denial that the blue zinc is still in its warehouse. 

Meanwhile, some victims of the Kitco’s fake zinc saga are calling on authorities of the Commerce Ministry to intervene.

“We want the Commerce Ministry to strengthen its Inspectorate unit to curtail the continuous rampant sale of substandard goods on the Liberian market,” they stressed.


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