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EPA welcomes hazardous chemical waste easing project

Arthur Douglas/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 1o, 2015)-A new project to enhance Liberia’s capacity in the management and disposal of hazardous chemical waste has been welcomed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

EPA Executive Director, Anya Vohiri, affirmed her agency’s commitment to supporting such initiative to protect the environment and human health against high risk chemicals.

The two-year project is titled: “The High Risk chemical facilities and risk mitigation in the African Atlantic Façade Region.”

It is being facilitated by a consortium of expert organizations under the European Union (EU).

In a statement, read by the Climate Change Secretariat Head, Josiah Sokan, Madam Vohiri called for the involvement of relevant Ministries and agencies in the process.

The project’s focal person, Mattin Tabi, said: “The move is critical for the national economic development of the country which emphasizes industrialization.”


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