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Legislature begins public hearings on Draft Land Rights Law

Dyrus Zinnah/Benjamin S. Taingay
House Speaker, Alex Tyler
House Speaker, Alex Tyler

(, 2015-The National Legislature has commenced public hearings on the draft Land Right Law.
The proposed law is seeking to allow customary land owners take complete control of their land.

If passed into law, the Liberian Government will negotiate concession agreement with land owners who may have mineral resources on their properties.
The bill is also seeking to address public and private land conflict.

During the hearings, authorities of the Land Commission called on the Legislature to pass the bill into law as it is in the interest of Liberians.

Some members of the Joint Legislative Lands, Mines and Energy Committee argued that the Land Rights Bill needs to be well scrutinized before passage.

The lawmakers said if not handled properly, land conflict would be ridiculous.

The Land Commission was established with a mandate to remedy land conflict in Liberia.

At the same time, the Civil Society working group on the proposed Land Right Act is calling on the National Legislature to pass the Act.

The group told the public hearings, convening at the National Legislature, that the passage of the proposed Act will ensure customary land ownership among rural community dwellers.

The group noted: “A proper Land Rights Law will enhance peace and stability in the country.”

The Civil Society working group includes Sustainable Development Institute, Rice and Rice Foundation, Farmer Union of Liberia, National Charcoal Union of Liberia, Journalists for the Protection of Nature, among others.

In a related development, the Senate Committee Chairman on Lands, Mines and Energy says land rights and protection issues are crucial to Liberia’s existence
Senator Albert Chea said land situation plays critical role in investment and economic decision in the country and, as such, it must be taken seriously.

Mr. Chea said since its establishment as a nation, Liberia has been plagued with variety of land conflicts that have destroyed lives and thousands dollar worth of properties.

He commended the National Government’s efforts through the Land Commission for formulating policies to address land problems in the country.

Senator Chea’s statement was contained in a welcome remarks delivered during the first public hearing on the Land Rights Bill at the Legislature Monday, August 11, 2015.


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