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Chinas support to Liberia no preconditions

Arthur Douglas/Benjamin S. Taingay
Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi
Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi

( 11, 2015)-China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, says the country will attach no pre-conditions to its bilateral support to Liberia.

Minister Wang said China will stay committed to President Xi Jinping’s principles of balanced approach by pursuing interest while up-holding justice.

He said China will not impose any political conditions or make request as a pre-requisite for the partnership, but will rather respect the development path as chosen by Liberia.

The Chinese Foreign Minister made the statement over the weekend at the Liberian Foreign Ministry in Monrovia.

Minister Wang also told a press conference that his government will encourage the active participation of Chinese businesses in the country’s resource development to increase its processing capacity and help[ build an industrial structure.

He said it is only through such activities that Liberia can realize sustained and long-term development.

Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Liberia is part of a three-legged tour to the worst Ebola affected West African nation.


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