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Employ aggressive approach to curb the Mess-Jacque

Jos Garneo Cephas/Benjamin S. Taingay
Score of students converged to cheer their colleagues on the quizzing team
Score of students converged to cheer their colleagues on the quizzing team

( 12, 2015)-A local child education development group, Porte, Liberia Child Initiative, has proposed  aggressive approach to curb the much talked-about “mess” in the country’s education system.

The group says the mess in Liberia’s education system can be addressed by using such aggressive approach during the children’s early upbringing.

According to the Regional Director of Porte, Liberia Child Initiative, Jefferson Jackque: “It is necessary that the Government starts addressing, head-on,  the fundamental causes that led to the mess.”

“The Government should start right from the foundational stage of the child’s education,” he emphasized.

Mr. Jackque also said as part of its recommended solutions to the problems in the education sector, Port, Liberia Child Initiative launched a program called ‘Continue Academic Challenge.’

The platform is intended to strengthen the ability of elementary students in Liberia to spell words and answer questions correctly and intelligently.

Director Jackque further recommended the setting up of a quarterly monitoring and evaluation mechanisms by the Education Ministry and stakeholders to determine whether the National Curriculum and various school systems are effectively functioning.  

He said: “Port, Liberia Child Initiative plans to expand its activities across the country in the near future and the organization has begun constructing a ‘Dream Student Center’ in Bentol, Montserrado County.”

“When completed, the Center will train young people in various academic activities,” the Port, Liberia Child Initiative Boss noted.

Recently, the newly launched ‘Continue Academic Challenge’ program hosted eight elementary schools in a spelling and general brain-teasing quizzing contest.
The schools were selected from the Neezoe Community and environs in Paynesville metropolitan.

In his launching address, the Chairman of the Alternative National Congress Party, Lafayette Gould, congratulated the organization for its farsightedness also geared at keeping the kids active during and after school.

Chairman Gould encouraged the participating schools to always ensure that their students forge for academic excellence, if they must achieve their educational goals.

He then pledged scholarships to the three best students who topped all subject areas in the academic contest.


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