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Angola to destroy 11m eggs

from BBC

( 12, 2015)-The Angolan Government says it will destroy 11 million chicken eggs imported illegally into the country.

Angola’s Agriculture Minister, Afonso Canga, is quoted by the State News Agency as saying the chicken eggs were imported into the country without an official health certificate.

Mr. Canga, however, did not say from where the eggs, seized at the port in the capital, Luanda, had been imported.

The BBC is quoted as saying in January, 2015, the Angolan Government announced that it wanted to boost the consumption of domestically produced food and drinks.

Speaking at an agricultural fair in the south-western city of Lubango, Mr. Canga said the production of eggs in Angola was increasing to meet the demand.

About 25 million eggs have been recorded as monthly production figure for Angola and that the Government wants the existing number of locally produced eggs increased by 10-15 million, the BBC also said.


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