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MOF Fiscal Devolution Unit ends one-day technical session


( 13, 2015)-The Fiscal Devolution Unit (FDU) of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning Wednesday, August 12, 2015 held a one-day technical session in Monrovia.

The one-day technical session was intended to develop a workable fiscal devolution, financial management and local governance teaching module.

When developed, the local governance teaching module will enhance the understanding of fiscal thoughts of local governance.

The gathering took place at the Sharks Entertainment Inc.

The session involved presentations made by professors, public administrators, and public financial experts.

Special Statement was delivered by Deputy Finance and Development Planning Minister of Fiscal Affairs, James Kollie.

The session brought together 35 participants from Universities, Colleges, line ministries and government agencies.

The Fiscal Devolution Unit has the responsibility to support the Inter-Governmental Fiscal Framework, aimed at providing a comprehensive framework for the long-term development of inter-governmental fiscal arrangements.

The inter-governmental fiscal arrangements include the assignment of expenditure responsibilities, revenue responsibilities, inter-governmental transfers, and the coordination of County Development Funds and Social Development Funds.

The arrangements also include the County Treasury Framework and, working along with institutions responsible for devolution and those institutional arrangements that entail participatory governance.

The Local Governance and Devolution Policy were launched in January 2012 by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.


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