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Gbarpolu youths prioritize gold mining over education

Arthur Douglas/Benjamin S. Taingay
Gold Mining  in Gbarpolu County
Gold Mining in Gbarpolu County

( 17, 2015)-Hundreds of youth in Kongba District in Gbarpolu County are said to be prioritizing gold mining over their education.

Our correspondent in the area also said teenage pregnancy and early marriage were on the rise.

He said: “The eagerness for education in the area is low, as many children of school-going-age usually troop on gold mines to earn quick money, rather than going to school.”

The District Education Officer (DEO), Kelvin Lawrence, attributed the situation to the lack of adequate education infrastructure, including Junior and Senior High Schools.

“I have since been pleading with the Ministry of Education to construct Junior and Senior High Schools, but to no avail,” Mr. Lawrence noted.

Our correspondent also said: “Out of fifteen schools in the area, thirteen are makeshift structures, constructed by the communities.”


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