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Council of Churches want early preparation for 2017 elections

Patrick Flomo/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 18, 2015)-The Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) Vice President wants Liberians to begin preparing for the 2017 general and Presidential Elections.

Rev. Kortu Brown said: “The 2017 elections are crucial, because it would be the first-ever peaceful transition since 1944.”
He made the statement recently when he addressed the 17th Anniversary of the New Water in the Desert Assembly in Brewerville, outside the Liberian Capital, Monrovia.

The LCC Vice President said preparation is critical to the proper management of the transition process to avoid chaos and confusion.

“The elections will determine whether Liberia moves forward or backward,” Rev. Brown noted.

Rev. Brown then urged the Liberian Government and people to ensure an effective political transition before and after the elections.


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