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Detesting the mob violence in River Gee County

An ELBC Commentary

We unconditionally detest the recent mob violence that witnessed the destruction of a police   station, a Liberian flag and a privately owned transport truck in River Gee County.

We understand that the mob violence was in response to the death of a motorcyclist in an accident near the town of Kilepo Jowroken in Chedepo District.

We learnt the mob violence, that sent shock waves across the country, was allegedly carried out by some residents of the Kilepo Jowroken and Kanweaken Towns in defense of the deceased.

While we express sadness for the death of the motorcyclist, we think it is absolutely wrong for the mob to have taken the laws into their hands by going to the extreme of destroying a police station, a Liberian flag and a privately owned transport truck, that reportedly crushed the motorcyclist to death.

For us, we consider the mob violence as uncivilized and cruel, and it must be condemned by all well-meaning Liberians, especially the people of River Gee County.

We encourage the Liberian Government, through the Liberia National Police, to leave no stone unturned in bringing to justice all those involved in this illegal and unwarranted act to serve as deterrence.

Indeed, we had said over and over again that it is always good to address whatever grievances one may have through peaceful means, instead of using violent approach, because the latter causes more harm than good.

To this end, we want to again urge those bend on violent approach in addressing grievances to stop and begin using peaceful and lawful paths, as the best approach to seeking redress.

Again, we detest the mob violence in River Gee County, because it causes more harm than good.

 By the Public Affairs Department of the Liberia Broadcasting
    System (LBS), Paynesville City- Montserrado County



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