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LRA adopts, publishes professional ethics, conduct code

The Headquarters of the Liberia Revenue Authority
The Headquarters of the Liberia Revenue Authority

( 19, 2015)-The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has adopted and published a professional ethics and code of conduct.

The professional ethics and code of conduct is to guide the behaviors of staff at every level in the execution of their daily functions.

LRA Commissioner General, Elfrieda Tamba, sad: “In a bid to achieve their mission, each staff of the LRA must be accountable for adhering to the adopted values and ethical principles.”

The Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct, among other things, require employees to display a high sense of honesty, and avoid every form of temptation and collusion at the detriment of the state and taxpayers. 

Employees are compelled to behave ethically and discharge their duties and responsibilities as required by the LRA Act and other attending laws, including the Revenue Code of Liberia.

The nearly 30-page booklet explains the role and responsibilities of the Authority to its staff and the public, and the role of the staff to the authority and to the public, among others.

“This is a key document upon which the public is expected to measure the staff and the LRA management.


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