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Minister Ngafuan wants Gaborone Declaration ratified

Jonathan Grigsby/Joseph T. Koon
Foreign Minister, Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan
Foreign Minister, Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan

( 19, 2015)-Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan, says Government is committed to ensuring that the Gaborone Declaration Agreement is ratified.

Minister Ngafuan said: “The Executive Branch will work along with the National Legislature to provide the necessary support for the speedy ratification of the Agreement.”

He spoke Tuesday, August 18, 2015 at a one – day forum on the Gaborone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa currently taking place at a local hotel in Monrovia.

Minister Ngafuan also called on stakeholders to be mindful in the decision-making process of the Agreement.
The Foreign Minister noted:”The decision you make will have far- reaching effect on the natural resources policy of the country.”

In remarks, EPA Executive Director, Anyaa Vohiri, called for capacity building of relevant government functionaries and other environmental-related institutions, to enforce protective and sustainability measures of the environment.


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