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Supreme Courts ruling is disappointing-NEC Chair Korkoyah

Victor Kezelee/Benjamin S. Taingay
NEC Chairman, Jerome Korkoyah
NEC Chairman, Jerome Korkoyah

( 20, 2015)-National Elections Commission (NEC) Chairman, Jerome Korkoyah, has expressed disappointment over the Supreme Court’s recent ruling.

Chairman Korkoyah said: “While NEC is under obligation to respect the Supreme Court, decisions reached by the High Court are sometimes not correct.”

He also said: “The Court does not understand the technical rules of electioneering.”

Cllr. Korkoyah made the statements Wednesday, August 19, 2015 on State Radio, ELBC, in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling for a re-run of election in some areas in Bong County.


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