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Former FDA employees guilty of corruption-Judge Gbenewelleh

Augustine Myers/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 27, 2015)-Criminal Court “C” Presiding Judge, Peter Gbenewelleh, has found guilty five former employees of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA).

Judge, Gbenewelleh handed down the final judgment Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.

The five former FDA employees have been facing trial on charges of robbing the Liberian Government of US$6-million.

The former FDA employees were indicted by the Grand Jury for knowingly conspiring to defraud the Liberian Government of its just revenue.

They were accused of facilitating the wrongful and illegal issuance of sixty-one PUPs, and authorizing commercial logging operations on nearly 2.5 million hectares of land.

The defendants are Former FDA Managing Director, Moses Wogbeh, former FDA Technical Manager, John Kantor, and former FDA Manager for Commercial Forestry, Jangar Kamara.

Others are former Surveyor for Grand Bassa County, David Blayee, and former Director of Cartography, Maxwell Gwee, both of the Lands, Mines and Energy Ministry.

Presiding Judge Gbenewelleh said: “The license co-defendant, Moses Wogbeh, should have issued or granted land areas, ranging from 1,188 hectares to 4,793 hectares, for the timber sale contracts, instead of Private Use Permits (PUPs).”

He also said: “Three of the four contracts were in operation for one year, while one was in operation for 2 years.”

He added that the four PUPs’ total land area is equal to 15,219 hectares and the total land rent due equals US$24,652.00.


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