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Prez Sirleaf defends remarks on Christian State proposal

Dyrus Zinnah/Benjamin S. Taingay
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

( 1, 2015)-River Gee County Senator, Commany Wesseh, says President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has done nothing in violation of the Liberian Constitution.

Recently, Grand Bassa County Senator, Jonathan Karpay, alleged that President Johnson-Sirleaf’s statement on ongoing debate of making Liberia a Christian State or not violates the Constitution.

Senator Wesseh made the statement recently when he spoke to elbconline in Monrovia in defense of the Liberian Leader.

He argued that the President was expressing her opinion on the issue like others did, and was not in violation of the Constitution.

“President Sirleaf has the right as a Liberian to influence others on an issue, but the final decision depends on the majority vote,” Senator Wesseh told our reporter.

President Johnson-Sirleaf recently said the religious aspect of the Constitution of Liberia should remain as it is and she does not support a proposal to make the country a Christian nation.

The Liberian Leader has, meanwhile, presented the Constitution Review Commission’s proposals to the National Legislature for deliberation.


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