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Halt the indiscriminate solid waste dumping

Public Affairs Dept. Liberia Broadcasting System

 Our attention is drawn to the random dumping of solid wastes in some parts of Monrovia and environs.

Despite massive awareness on sanitation by environmental-related institutions, the need for residents to keep their respective environments clean has fallen on deaf ears.

We have observed that some people drop wastes from moving vehicles, while others dump wastes right into drainages, meant to carry away waste water.

We further observed dumping solid wastes into drainages is prevalent in the Liberian Capital, Monrovia, and surrounding communities such as Vai Town, among others.

The situation has become so alarming that relevant government agencies, especially the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), have expressed grave concern over such uncalled-for act, believed to be contributing greatly to the untidy nature of some parts of the City.

Such unwarranted act, common during the rainy season, often causes drainages to become chocked to the brim with solid waste materials, mainly plastic bags and feces.

Indeed, such hugely infested drainages usually release offensive odors and provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes that cause malaria and water-borne diseases.

Considering the danger the indiscriminate dumping of solid wastes poses to our environment, we urge all those involved to unconditionally halt such dangerous habit now.

Certainly, it is our national responsibility to heed to the urging need to keep our environment clean,… a move that cannot be overemphasized.

Let us join the Government in its drive to make Liberia a clean and healthy place to live.

Indeed, let us all discourage the reckless act of indiscriminately dumping solid wastes for the good of all.


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