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Oxfam Launches US$1.7m Ebola Recovery Livelihood Program

Augustine Myers/Jos Garneo Cephas
Some the beneficieries
Some the beneficieries

(, 2015)-As part of efforts to complement Government’s Ebola Recovery Plan, Oxfam Liberia has launched US$1.7m Livelihood Program targeting 11,317 beneficiaries from Nimba, River Gee and Grand Gedeh Counties.

The Cash for work program focuses on providing incentives for local farmers will also provide farming implements for vulnerable persons with Livelihood Sustainable Grant of US$150.

The Program was launched Monday, August 21, 2015 in Mehnpa, Saclepea-Mah District, Nimba County targets 11,317 beneficiaries from Nimba, River Gee and Grand Gedeh Counties. Most of the beneficiaries include the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Oxfam Liberia Country Director, Mamudu Salifu said: “The grant is aimed at strengthening the capacity of local farmers, Women Groups and the vulnerable”.

According to Mr. Salifu, “the provision of the grant is also based on an investigation conducted to determine the financial position of Liberians after the Ebola crisis”.

Mr. Salifu revealed the investigation shows that about 70 percent of Liberians could not afford for themselves and families due to the pandemic.

He said: “The money would assist the beneficiaries pay children school fees, medical bills and the establishment of businesses”.
The Oxfam Program is in two categories, Conditional and Unconditional Cash.

The conditional involves farmers growing their own crops and financially assisted and provided tools, while the unconditional stresses financial assistance for the vulnerable with no labor.

Providing an update of the Project, the Program Manager for Oxfam with oversight in Nimba, Grand Gedeh and River Gee Counties, Dze Ryumukama said:” about 9,157 people will receive cash for work, then another 2,150 vulnerable persons will receive unconditional cash”.

Mr. Ryumukama also explained that fifty three Women Saving Groups in the three counties will receive one thousand five hundred United States dollars each.

Ryumukama assured beneficiaries on Radio Saclepea prior to the program and said     that everything will be done by Oxfam to continue in   providing the much needed assistance to the beneficiaries.

  The Assistant City Mayor of Saclepea City, A. Wallace Zigbuo Jr. commended Oxfam for the Initiative in Nimba County. Mr. Zigbuo noted the Project shows that Oxfam is committed to improve the living standards of beneficiaries of the three counties.

He called on the beneficiaries to ensure that funds provided them are used wisely to bring about positive changes. Zigbuo said: “The city government will collaborate with beneficiaries to ensure the   initiative is sustained through local efforts.

One of the beneficiaries of Oxfam’s Cash Empowerment Scheme, Prince Dangan expressed gratitude to Oxfam for the Initiative. Prince said the cash will help him greatly in buttressing his bid to obtain college education.

Another beneficiary, Linda Davis praised Oxfam as the first Organization to bring such Cash for Work Program.   She said: the initiative has greatly motivated us the farmers to grow our own food, empower   us and families respective”.  

Some beneficiaries were seen sharing tears of joy, as they commanded Oxfam for the program and urged other organizations, including the Liberian government to do likewise across the country.


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