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Legislature accepts Prez Sirleafs 6-week extension request

Dyrus Zinnah
President Ellen Johnson-Sirlea
President Ellen Johnson-Sirlea

( 4, 2015)-The National Legislature has accepted President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s request for additional six week extension.

In a recent proclamation, President Johnson-Sirleaf requested the Legislature to remain in session for the extra time requested to pass on key legislations.
The Electricity Bill and, the Police and Immigration Bill of Liberia are Key among instruments the Liberian Leader wants passed into law.

Our Online Reporter at the Legislature said members of the August Body will now attend sessions every working day until the six-week extension requested by the President elapses, in keeping with legislative tradition.
The Legislators will also be constrained to pass all legislations the President desires.

Article 32b of the Liberian Constitution gives the President right to request the National Legislature to extend its working sessions to perform certain legislative functions so desired.


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