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WHO calls for 90-day Ebola cases surveillance in Liberia


( 4, 2015)-Deputy Minister for Health Services, Francis Kateh, says the World Health Organization (WHO) has called for 90-day surveillance for potential Ebola cases in Liberia.

Dr. Kateh cited the registration of Ebola cases by Liberia’s neighbors, including Guinea and Sierra Leone and the potential risk the pandemic poses for the Liberian people as reasons for the surveillance.

“Keeping Ebola out of Liberia is not just the Government’s business or that of partners, it is rather everyone’s business,” he said.

Deputy Health Minister Kateh made the statement Thursday, September 3, 2015 at program marking the second declaration of Liberia as an Ebola-free country held at the Ministry of Health in Monrovia.

He praised the citizenry for their vitality in stopping the worst disease outbreak ever in the country’s history.

The Health Ministry official adding: “Now that Liberia has been declared Ebola-free, let us remember to maintain good hand-washing practices, report all sick people showing signs and symptoms of Ebola, and keep sick people away from others.”

“Today, we take a moment to acknowledge that we have again stopped the transmission of Ebola in Liberia and have reached this milestone. Thanks to the many sacrifices and unbreakable strength of the response team,” Kateh emphasized.

He also emphasized: “The systems in place will not only stop Ebola, but will also stop other diseases.”


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