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Lofa Caucus breaks silence on Mt. Wologizis negotiation

Dyrus Zinnah

( 4, 2015)-The Lofa County Legislative Caucus has broken silence on the negotiation and subsequent exploration of the Wologizi Mountain.

The Caucus said the Wologizi exploration is now opened to interested companies.

The Lofa County Legislative Caucus Chairperson, Moses Kollie, said companies have expressed interest in the Wologizi, but failed to name the investors.

Representative Kollie noted: “Negotiation of the Wologizi Mountain, Lofa County’s last reserved, will be firstly decided by the Executive Branch of Government and all Lofa Citizens.”

The Lofa County Caucus Chairperson made the statement recently when the Caucus received a cash donation of over one hundred twenty thousand Liberian Dollars (LD120, 000.00) at the Capital in Monrovia.

The money, to aid recent storm victims in the county, was presented by the Lofa County Citizens residing in the United States of America (USA).


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