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Govt threatens to prosecute medical drug smugglers

Augustine Myers

(, 7, 2015)-The Ministry of Health has threatened to prosecute health workers engaged in smuggling medical drugs from the National Drug Service (NDS).

The Ministry's Chief Pharmacist, Tarty Tyee, says while the Liberian Government was trying to ensure the availability of   essential medical drugs at health facilities across the country, some people were engaged in smuggling them to neighboring Guinea.

Mr. Tyee made the remarks at a press conference over the weekend, following the confiscation of 146 cartons of pharmaceutical drugs in Liberia.

The pharmaceutical drugs were confiscation by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).
The Medical drugs were found in a truck at the Old Plank Field, opposite the Free Port of Monrovia.

The truck was reportedly heading to neighboring Guinea.
Mr. Tyee promised that the Health Ministry would ensure that the culprits are prosecuted, noting: “The drugs saga will not be swept under the carpet.”


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