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Unfair teachers distribution affects Liberias education

A common class room teacher
A common class room teacher

( 8, 2015)-An international organization says the unfair distribution of teachers across Liberia is one of the factors responsible for the country’s poor educational system.

The visiting Regional Coordinator for Africa Education International, Emmanuel Fatoma said more qualified teachers are deployed in urban Liberia than the rural areas.

“Such no-equitable distribution of teachers in the country is robbing students in the hinterland of the opportunity of getting quality education,” Mr. Fatoma said.

Mr. Fatoma, based in Ghana, made the observation when he spoke to the Liberia News Agency (LINA) Monday, September 7, 2015 at the start of a 3-day training workshop in Monrovia.

The workshop was focused on the theme, “Teacher’s Effectiveness.”

Mr. Fatoma stressed the urgent need to build the capacity of more teachers to make them effective in stimulating the nation’s educational sector and to establish a “Teachers Management System.

Mr. Fatoma said: “If established, such system will be used in addressing problems confronting teachers and Liberia’s education sector.”


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