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Liberia, Sierra Leone to monitor illegal crossing points

Augustine Myers
One of the illegal border points
One of the illegal border points

(, 8, 2015)-Liberia and Sierra Leone have agreed to jointly monitor 74 illegal crossing points in Grand Cape Mount County to buttress security between the two Countries.

The two countries reached the decision recently, during a cross-border community policing forum in Sinje, Grand Cape Mount County.

The Community Policing Watch Forum of Liberia/ Grand Cape Mount County Branch’s Chairman told the Liberia News Agency (LINA) that only five of the 74 crossing points in the county are legal checkpoints.

The five legal crossing points are located in Bo-Waterside.
Abraham Balo named the checkpoints as York Island, Bassalamu, Manor River, Condo and Vantvantma.

Mr. Balo said the meeting will encourage the Policing Forums of both Liberia and Sierra Leone, and will buttress security efforts at the illegal crossing points.


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