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We wholeheartedly commend Maryland rice farmers

Public Affairs Dept. Liberia Broadcasting System

Food security has been a major challenge to governments around the world, including the Liberian Government.

It is estimated that a huge percentage of Liberia`s stable food (rice) is being imported since the establishment of the state.

The Liberian Government, through the Agriculture Ministry, has continued training farmers to increase their produce and encouraging them to grow surplus rice.

The Government has continued urging Liberians to get involved into rice production on a larger scale to be able to feed themselves, but the adherence to this call seems so slow.

Notwithstanding, it worths noting that Farmers in Maryland County have begun yielding to this clarion call by producing sixty (60) tons of seed rice.
The Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) believes this is a highly commendable venture.

Indeed, the venture is highly commendable, because such a huge quantity of seed rice can help feed citizens of the county and the surplus can be sold, or be used for planting purpose.

LBS also commends the farmers in Maryland County for their commitment to growing more of the nation’s stable food and for encouraging others in the county and in other parts of the country to venture into same.

Certainly, we also hailed the Agriculture Ministry and welcome its reported decision to purchase the local farmers’ seed rice and subsequently distributing same to other Liberians engaged in rice farming.

State Radio is, meanwhile, appealing to the Government to increase its support to efforts geared at ensuring food security in Liberia.

If this is done, we believe Liberia will certainly land on the path of food security and, thus, Liberians will be able to feed themselves.

Indeed, we wholeheartedly commend rice farmers in Maryland County.


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