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Local court slaps Daily Observer Newspaper with contempt

Augustine Myers/Benjamin S. Taingay

(, 9, 2015)-Criminal Court ‘C’ Presiding Judge, Peter Gbenewelleh, has ordered the Clerk of Court to issue a writ of contempt against the Daily Observer newspaper management.

The paper was ordered to appear before the court Tuesday, September 8, 2015 to show cause why it should not be held in contempt.

The order was prompted by the publication of an article in the paper alleging that the Jones and Jones Law Firm had already been held in contempt, when the court had only summoned the Law firm to appear.

Judge Gbenewelleh said the paper also reported other things that the court did not say in the case involving the 10 former employees of the First International Bank (FIB).

The F.I.B former employees are charged with money laundering, theft of property, criminal conspiracy, forgery and criminal facilitation.

The alleged criminal act by the FIB former employees is said to have caused the bank to lose over US$3-million.


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