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Cristiano Ronaldo launches Legacy

Terry Gbondo/Benjamin S. Taingay
'Cristiano Ronaldo
'Cristiano Ronaldo

(elbcradio.com/Sept. 15, 2015)-The Real Madrid and Portugal forward says he is fulfilling a childhood dream by releasing his 'Legacy' upon the world, starring in a glossy advertisement for the scent.

If the only thing holding you back from becoming the next Cristiano Ronaldo was your smell, then congratulations. You're about to be huge.

The Real Madrid forward has launched his first foray into the world of fragrance - a scent titled 'Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy'.

Though the Portugal captain did not specify whether the name suggests that one ought to be smelled long after he/she has left the room, or he expects people to have forgotten all of his goals when he eventually retires,

leaving this bottle as the only trace of his existence.
He did share his enthusiasm at fulfilling a lifelong dream, the launch of his first fragrance.

"It is a fragrance that leaves a mark, given reason why it bears my name, because I'm a person who has left a mark and wants to leave more," Ronaldo said.

"It is something that I wanted to do ever since I was a kid. Having a fragrance with my name is something unique and when they spoke to me about it, it made me very happy."

It's for everyone who likes Cristiano so that they can have something that's closer to me," the prolific footballer noted. 

As being obligatory for fragrances, Ronaldo filmed a short advertisement given no clues to how the perfume actually smells like, instead of asking questions like, 'why not get yourself one, or two different jackets, Cristiano?

Presumably, you have had to buy his Legacy to find out


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