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Wednesday declares World Ozone Protection Day

Patrick Flomo

( 15, 2015)-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has issued a Proclamation declaring Wednesday, September 16, as World Ozone Protection Day.

World Ozone Protection Day is to be observed as a Working Holiday throughout the Republic.

A Foreign Ministry release says the day will be celebrated under the Theme, “30 Years of Healing the Ozone Together”.

The National Theme for the celebration is “Ozone: All There is between You and UV.”

The proclamation calls on all citizens, and foreign residents, government ministries and agencies, as well as concerned National and international organizations to join the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to execute appropriate programs befitting the occasion.

September 16th of this year marks the 28th anniversary of the World Ozone Protection Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.

The release said the day’s observance is in recognition of the protocol’s unique accomplishments, particularly the significant environmental and health benefits that the treaty has yielded.

The Proclamation recalled that Liberia is a signatory to the protocol signed in 1996 and is committed to ensuring appropriate and responsible reduction in the usage of ozone.

The move, according to the proclamation, is geared at depleting substances through the enactment of laws to minimize environmental impact on the use of the compounds.

The proclamation further declares that in 1987, 24 member states met in Montreal, Canada, and signed a treaty, enforced on January 1, 1989, on the substances that deplete the Ozone Layer


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