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Deployment of Nigerian teachers in rural Liberia shortly

Musu Sirleaf/Joseph T. Koon
Needed attention for Liberian students
Needed attention for Liberian students

(elbcradio.com/September 18, 2015). A batch of nineteen volunteer Nigerian teachers has arrived in the country to beef up the much-criticized education sector.

Nigerian Ambassador to Liberia, Chigozie Obi-Nnadozie, said: “The teachers were recruited to teach the sciences and mathematics in secondary schools throughout Liberia.”

“This followed several discussions between the Nigeria Technical Aid Corps and Liberian education authorities to improve the education sector of the country.”

The Nigerian Ambassador urged the teachers to serve as good ambassadors of the Nigeria Technical Aid Corps and their country at large.

He called on the teachers to perform their duties with diligence, commitment, and high degree of professionalism.

At the same time, the Head of the Nigeria Technical Aid Corps, Auwal Hussain, has pledged his entity’s commitment to improving Liberia’s education sector.

In remarks, Assistant Education Minister for Basic and Secondary Education, Felecia Doe-Somah, thanked the Nigerian Government for the gesture.

Assistant Minister Somah said such collaboration would further enhance Nigeria- Liberia relations.

She said: “The Nigerian teachers will be deployed in rural Liberia, specifically in Gbarpolu, Grand Kru, Maryland, and Nimba Counties, among others.”

Currently, there have been sharp public criticisms on the over-all performance of Liberia’s Educational System as evidenced by the poor performance of Liberian students in public exams.

One account of the argument suggests that the education sector is “messy’”, while another indicates that the sector is performing in line with the educational philosophy of the country.

Despite all these, the Nigerian teachers’ arrival could serve as a boost in the education sector’s reform process.

The reform mechanisms put in place by the Education Ministry will serve as a roadmap to revamping Liberia’s education sector.


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