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UN wants continued global support to Liberia

Benjamin S. Taingay
David Nabarro
David Nabarro

( 21, 2015)-UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy on Ebola, David Nabarro, wants the International Community remain fully engaged with Liberia in supporting the country’s recovery efforts.

Dr. Nabarro said: “Particular attention should now be paid to key areas such as food security, health systems, and non-Ebola related health services.”

According to a dispatch from New York, the UN Envoy spoke over the weekend in an address to the business community at the US-Liberia Trade and Investment Forum.

He also said: “There is a need to build up the public health systems and improve primary health care in Liberia and in the region.”
Dr. Nabarro, however, acknowledged significant progress by Liberia and the other Ebola-affected countries.

He emphasized that getting to and staying at zero remains a challenge to the other affected countries.


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