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Education Ministry distributes text books

Jacob Parley/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 23, 2015)-The Education Ministry has announced several positive developments, including the distribution of millions of text books to public schools in Liberia.

According to a release, the supplies include Science, Math, Social Studies and English text books.  The text books are for students from grades five to nine, and 1.3 million supplementary readers for grades one to four.

At the same time, the Ministry says it has identified over five hundred schools across the country needing renovation.

The release quotes the Ministry as, however, saying 70 of the 500 schools were completed in August, 2015.
In another development, the Ministry says it has provided US$1.6-million to more than two thousand public school teachers.

The money is under the Government of Liberia and the GPE arrangement.   


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