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VP Boakai urges African solution to African problem

Benjamin S. Taingay
Vice President, Joseph Boakai
Vice President, Joseph Boakai

( 25, 2015)-Vice President, Joseph Boakai, says the African Union Support to the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa (ASEOWA)’s role demonstrates Africans resolve to find solutions to the Continent’s problems.

VP Boakai said in Africans’ strive to find solutions to Africa’s problems, they must look within the continent, if they must succeed in such effort.

A release quotes him as saying: “Peace, stability and health can come to the continent when Africans look within the continent for the resolution of problems.”

The Vice President called on African Leaders to hold together, determined to find answers to conflicting issues on the continent.

The release said Vice President Boakai spoke recently when an ASEOWA delegation paid him a farewell courtesy visit at his office at the Capital Building in Monrovia.

“Liberia was grateful to the African Union for the demonstration of leadership in the fight against the Ebola virus that hit the Mano River Union countries of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, claiming thousands of lives,” Vice President Boakai noted.

Earlier, the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the AU Commission to Liberia, H. Oluwatoyin Solaja, expressed gratitude to the Liberian Government for the level of assistance he received while in the country.

Ambassador Solaja named the provision of office space in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out their functions as assistance he received from the Liberian Government.

“ASEOWA operated a hundred-bed hospital and trained over seven thousand personnel for Ebola treatment and capacity-building, the release said.

The delegation included ASEOWA’s Head of Mission, Dr. Benjamin Djoudalbaye, Deputy Head of Mission, Dr. Joshua Obasanja, Head of Finance, Peace and Security Department of ASEOWA, based in Addis Ababa, Abiodun Adeyemo, Communications Officer, David Sunday Oyekleke, and Deputy Head of Mission of ASEOWA in Sierra Leone, Madam Elizabeth.

The ASEOWA came into existence as a result of the decision of the African Union (AU)’s Peace and Security Council to establish the body and send it to the three Ebola-hit West African nations.


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