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IIC wants increase in budget to implement statutory mandate


( 29, 2015)-The Independent Information Commission (IIC) is calling for increment in its budget from US$396,000.00 to US$1-million.

The IIC’s request was contained in a five-count recommendation presented to the Liberian Government by Commissioner Mark Bedor-Wla Freeman when he addressed the Ministry of Information recent press briefing in Monrovia.

Mr. Freeman said: “If the Commission’s budget is augmented, it would enable it facilitate effective implementation of its statutory mandate of informing citizens across the country on their right to access information.”

He also emphasized the need for adequate budgetary allocation for the Commission to enable it open regional offices and for the decentralization of its activities.

The IIC Commissioner also complained of the lacks mobility to effectuate its mandate, due to the low budgetary allocation.

Mr. Freeman noted that providing motilities for the Commission’s use will enable the entity conduct its sensitization and outreach activities across Liberia, and to monitor compliance with the Information Act by entities the Act covers.

“We are experiencing lack of training and capacity building for personnel to increase their output in managing Liberia’s access to information regime,” he added.

“Freedom of Information (FOI)) is a new phenomenon in Liberia. Provisions should be made in the budget to expose and train the staff in other countries having functioning FOI regimes.

Mr. Freeman maintained that with additional funding from the Government and international partners, the Commission will be able to build the capacities of FOI officers.


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