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Burkina Faso: Presidential Guides snub disarmament

from BBC
Burkinfaso President, Michel Kafando
Burkinfaso President, Michel Kafando

( 29, 2015)-A unit of guards that carried out a coup in Burkina Faso before handing back power is refusing to disarm.

The chief of army staff accused presidential guards of intimidating people carrying out the disarmament.

Interim President, Michel Kafando, was formally reinstated on Wednesday after an intervention from the army and several West African leaders.

On Friday, his government ordered the presidential guards' unit that carried out the coup to be disbanded.

The presidential guards known as the RSP are a unit of 1,200 well-armed and well-trained men loyal to former President, Blaise Compaore.

At least ten people were killed and more than a hundred injured in clashes during the takeover.


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