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Emma releases new video to honor heroes in Ebola fight

Terry Gbondo/Benjamin S. Taingay

(elbcradio.com/Sept. 30, 2015)-One of Liberia’s best female musical stars, Emma Smith, is at the verge of releasing a new musical video called “HERO.”

The song was written and recorded by Emma Smith in honor of all well-meaning Liberians who fought and survived the deadly Ebola virus.

In her song, Madam Smith also paid homage to the Liberian Leader, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, for her leadership role played during the Ebola fight.

The “Front Liners” in the war namely: “Our Health Workers, Civil Society Groups, Community Leaders,” among others were other groupings Artist Smith mentioned in her song.

As a philanthropist, she also runs a program called “Food for Work” and has been working along with community residents to clean their surroundings through the support of the World Food Program (WFP).

Emma was recently honored by the Liberian Musical Union for her tireless role in the nation-building process through her musical work.

After receiving the honor, the Liberian musician took to her Facebook and posted these compassionate comments: “Another Honor from the Liberia Musical Union, what can I possibly say? I just want to thank God for his grace.”

I will continue to remain humble as I received these prestigious awards from our wonderful people whom we serve!
The award is a symbol, but what is inside a person lives forever.

I am honored to say a big thank you to the Organizers of the Liberia Musical Union (President Mr. Griffith and Williams) for the recognition given Liberian Artists.
Thanks also go to those artists who followed us during the pick of Ebola crisis.

Having taken the lead to do the first Ebola awareness campaign song and hit video, some people never believed, while some did. However, those who thought it wise to do same, I say bravo! “We did it for Liberia with a sincere and compassionate heart.”

I would like to delegate this prestigious award, first and foremost, to “Heart Beat” records, “Infectious Michael,” our producer of the year, “Quincy B,” and the man behind the producer, Alexander Wiaplah.

Others are our video producer of the year, the Children who are our future leaders, our amazing and up-rising professional Actor and Actresses who helped portrayed the Art of the message, and E. Owusu Dahnsaw, who helped with the video’s organization…bravo “Bro.”


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